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BRENDAN GABRIEL MURPHY is a multi-award winning filmmaker and co-founding member of Altered State Entertainment. He’s been profiled in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Hollywood Interview, Mob Candy Magazine, Behind the Hype, H-Magazine & The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers In The World for his achievements as a Director. His stunning short film, “SWERVE,” starring actor Shiloh Fernandez  (WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS, EVIL DEAD, RED RIDING HOOD) and Juno Temple (TED LASSO, MALEFICENT, VINYL), won 5 festival awards and signed 3 distribution deals. “PERCEPTIO”, his follow-up short film, won 4 festival awards and signed a Television and VOD deal with ShortsHD.


Brendan’s feature film directorial debut, “#LUCKY NUMBER” starring Wu Tang Clan’s Cliff “Method Man” Smith (POWER BOOK II: GHOST) and Tom Pelphrey (OZARK, MANK) signed a worldwide distribution deal with Vision Films. The film can be seen on all VOD platforms nationwide. He has produced the NBC LA SCREENINGS presentation for several years. He also directed the After Show with the cast of NBC's hit drama "THIS IS US" at Paramount Studios. He has directed ad campaigns for KANE Watches in Europe and Asia, filming in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Kyoto, Japan. He also co-directed branded content for NIKE Training, Amazon Prime Video, NBC & Leyline Games in Los Angeles. He has directed the FOX and CBS Image Campaigns, working with the Series Regular TV stars.


Most recently he directed "FLUXX" a psychological thriller film that he also co-wrote, edited and produced. He and his brother Kieran co-directed “HISTORY’S GREATEST HEISTS” starring Pierce Brosnan which premiered this February on History Channel and “UFO WITNESS” for Discovery+. Brendan currently has three scripted TV Shows in development, along with his next feature film “OBSCURA” a neo-noir thriller. 

KIERAN MURPHY is a Director/DP and the co-founding member of Altered State Entertainment. After graduating Syracuse University with a BFA in Film Theory and Drama, Kieran was accepted into the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI), in Los Angeles, California with a focus on Cinematography. Early on, his love for film and nature-based docu-series lead Kieran to film for international networks such as National Geographic, History Channel, and the Discovery Channel. There, Kieran helmed camera for prestigious shows such as DUCK DYNASTY, SHARK WEEK & ANCIENT ALIENS. Today, Kieran’s love for entertainment doesn’t stop with unscripted television as he continues to shoot multiple award winning commercials, music videos, short & feature length films. 


Alongside his brother Brendan, their short film SWERVE starring actor Shiloh Fernandez won 5 festival awards and signed 3 distribution deals. Their feature LUCKY NUMBER, starring Wu-Tang Clan Cliff 'Method Man’ Smith signed a worldwide distribution deal with Vision Films that can be seen on all VOD platforms nationwide. Kieran also had the pleasure of filming the high-concept ad campaign for KANE Watches 'This Is Your Time’ in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kieran’s love for cinematography eventually lead him to his passion for directing. Together, with his brother Brendan, the two co-directed branded content for NIKE Training and recently co-directed specialty content for Amazon Prime Video as well.


Kieran’s passion towards art & entertainment have lead him on an adventurous career in all visual mediums, making him a versatile asset for any project.

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